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Starting a driving school franchise involves acquiring the rights to the model and business logo of a more established driving school. This is a win-win situation for both the franchiser and the franchisee because the franchiser is able to expand its business at a low cost while the franchisee enjoys all the perks of collaborating with a big name in the industry. There are many driving school franchise opportunities in UK. Chilled driving tuition is one of them. It offers quality services. Working with a driving school franchise comes with many benefits. When you become an instructor affiliated to a certain franchiser, you are allowed to decide on how and when you plan to work. The franchiser can also provide you with support whenever you need it. The company also avails a competent team of people at your disposal and you can enjoy all the benefits and respect that comes with working with their brand.

The franchise also receives valuable advice from an adviser who is assigned to guide them during the first few months and organizes meetings with the local instructor coach you have hired. The franchiser makes it easier for your company to start and run its operations through its development programme which is meant to familiarize you with the process, and advise you on customer care, marketing and business planning. Some franchises even provide you with apps that will help you manage your business and other industry leading technology. You can also request the company to increase your responsibility the moment you realize that you are ready because the company will prioritize your application to access fleet training.

Another advantage is that you will not have a hard time finding customers because the franchiser has already done the initial marketing and created a market base. The franchiser will also collect lesson fees on your behalf meaning that you will not have to worry about selling on credit, bargaining over prices and other losses associated with fees collection. A driving school franchise also offers quality services because it has to adopt the culture of its mother company which has obviously become successful in the industry. The franchise also operates a complex online diary system to facilitate easier management of bookings with the franchiser’s contact center.

The franchise is also provided with free marketing materials like posters, business cards and leaflets. It also has branded clothing that helps it to identify with the franchiser. A driving school franchise also enjoys having a great online presence through advertising on Google and other major search engines and also on the social media platforms to get new customers for their businesses without making any effort. A driving school franchise also has access to exclusive territories and is able to make a positive contribution to the community where it is situated. The franchise can also come with a recruitment promise that offers protection to your business, flexible holidays and loyalty discounts.